Police Talk About T.O.P’s Military Future + Another BIGBANG Member Tested For Drugs

The recent drama with T.O.P using marijuana continues!

On June 2nd, a swarm of reporters were waiting on T.O.P to leave the police station and return to his base. However, Ha Man Jin, the bandmaster of the Seoul Metropolitan Police, came out and stated: “Currently, T.O.P has returned to his station and is on standby… Whether or not T.O.P will be transferred to another department has yet to be decided. Disciplinary action will be discussed after the results of the investigation. In the meantime, he is not allowed to leave the barracks… Until a court verdict has been made, T.O.P will be carrying out his duties with the band.”

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that during the course of the investigation, another member from BIGBANG was brought in for questioning and was submitted to drug tests for multiple drugs, not only marijuana. However, all the results were negative.

Despite the negative results, people are wondering who was brought in and why was this one member suspected of drugs? Whose testimony made the police suspect this member in the first place? In addition, people are now concerned about what is really going on with YG Entertainment artists. In the past, G-Dragon, Park Bom, and PSY have all had their own drug scandals. In addition, major drug busts were done that exposed Harry Kim, former YG employee and very close friend of G-Dragon and more, as a major cocaine user who partied with many of his famous friends. Another YG stylist was also arrested around the same time, also for cocaine.

These facts, combined with the rumors of YG being a party-style label, has led many fans to now worry what is really going on with YG and their artists. Thankfully the other member tested negative, but it still brings up many questions about the lifestyle of these artists and what really goes on in their private lives.

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Media: YG Entertainment

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