Beenzino Enlists In Military + Releases “All Day” MV With Jazzyfact

Beenzino has officially enlisted in the military! As expected, Beenzino reported for duty on May 29th KST. He will be serving as an active duty soldier after completing basic training. The artist showed off his recently-shaved head and proudly posed by saluting the camera.

On the same day of his enlistment, the singer and rapper released a music video entitled “All Day.” The video is by Jazzyfact— a musical duo with Beenzino and Shimmy Twice. The MV and song give off a trippy feel that ends up trancelike by the end of the video, giving off a unique sound and feel to both the music video and song.

Check out the MV below, and let us know what you think!

Good luck to Beenzino as he serves his country. We hope for a speedy and safe return.

Media: 1llionaire Records

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