WATCH: Rookie Group A.C.E Shows Off Choreography At 1MILLION Studio

After a long-awaited debut, A.C.E is showing just how worth the wait they were!

On May 28th KST, the new group showed off their amazing dance skills at a practice at 1MILLION Dance Studios, the famous studio in Seoul responsible for some of the most wonderful choreography in Kpop!

In this case, the dance for A.C.E’s debut song, entitled “Cactus,” was choreographed by famous dancer Lia Kim and Koosung Jung. Lia Kim is especially famous for her choreography for songs like TWICE‘s “TT.”

1MILLION is perhaps the most respected and well-known studio in Korea. Apart from normal students who go to learn dancing, idols also go to learn certain routines, and other idols go just to keep their skills sharpened and to have fun. It’s not unusual to see people like Jay Park or Hyoyeon partaking in a dance practice or showing off their moves via a video on 1MILLION’s YouTube channel. Even some of the A.C.E members have been spotted there in the past in class.

Check out the amazing dance practice below. What do you think of this new group? What do you think of the choreography? Let us know in the comment section below!

Media: 1MILLION Dance Studio

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