EXO Officially In Top 10 Best-Selling Concerts On Billboard’s Boxscore List

EXO has set another amazing record! They were recently on Billboard’s 2017 Boxscore list, making them the only Kpop group on the list.

The boxscore list includes the top 100 concerts that have pulled in the most revenue from around the world. Not only did EXO make the list as the only Kpop group, but they even scored in the top ten spots, coming in at number eight.

The concert that earned EXO the most money was their recent L.A. concert. For a crowd of approximately 9,000 people, it managed to bring in a whopping 1.4 million dollars. This means they brought in more money than the other 92 concerts on the list that were held by artists like Elton John, Chris Brown, The Weekend, and many more.

The revenue is based on ticket sales alone and does not include merchandise. In addition, not all artists or concerts report their revenue to Billboard. You can view the full list by clicking HERE.

Congratulations to EXO on this amazing achievement!


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