GOT7’s Mark Gets Teased By His Dad On Twitter + Fans’ Hilarious Reactions

GOT7‘s Mark got teased by his dad for his recent fashion choices.

After seeing a picture of Mark at the airport, his father, known affectionately by fans as “Papa Tuan,” had something to say about his son’s clothes. In the picture, Mark is seen covered in head to toe black. He barely has any skin showing, and even his face is covered by a mask. However, huge holes in the knees of his pants catch your eye. At least, it did for Papa Tuan.

He took to Twitter to post the picture, along with a brief poem about his son:

“Fish with gills breathing
Plants breathe with leaves
Animals breathe with the nose
I think……MARK with your knees.”

Of course, the hilarious jab at Mark has fans entertained and responding with their own comments and posts. The poem was then replied to hundreds of times with fans sharing their imagined response of Mark to the post and even photoshopping pictures of Mark’s knees having noses on them.

Check out Papa Tuan’s original tweet below, followed by some of our favorite, hilarious responses.

Media: Twitter

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