Haters Much? BTS Fans Hilariously Shut Down Anti-Fans After BBMAs

When BTS took home Top Social Artist at the 2017 BBMAs, American networks and programs couldn’t stop talking about the historic win. Everyone from “Good Morning America” to “E!” interviewed the boys, and everyone from VOGUE magazine to the show “Fashion Police” couldn’t stop talking about their amazing red carpet looks.

Even non-Kpop fans couldn’t stop asking about who the group was and subsequently freaking about Jin’s good looks. But as with all famous artists, there are always going to be haters and anti-fans jealous of your success. With all the hoopla over BTS on websites like Billboard, CNN, ABC, MSN, and more, it’s bound to bring out some bitter fans who just can’t get over the fact that their own idols didn’t win.

While their attempts at spreading hate are hilarious in the extreme (for every 2 RTs they get from people who agree, they get thousands of comments from BTS stans defending their boys), the sad fact is that most of the anti-fans are being racist with their vitriolic drivel. And that’s never ok! But as with the diverse and accepting crowd of international Kpop fans, they are shutting down these haters left and right… and the results are hilarious.

Check out just a few of the Tweets and replies below.

Because hot Jungkook is the best response of all….

A.R.M.Y out. *Mic Drop*

Because haters makes us all immature sometimes.

This poor girl didn’t know what she was getting into….

But she learned quickly.

Meanwhile A.R.M.Y just keep celebrating.

While some of these comments are super funny, it’s still best not to get these haters the attention they are seeking. Instead, let’s just focus on positivity and how BTS made Kpop history! And in the meantime, we can keep reliving this special moment for the next 567,093,876 days at least!


lee1086 is the co-founder and director of What The Kpop. She has been a fan of BTS since the very first day of their debut when her sister came running in with a live stream on her computer and said “Watch these boys, you’re going to die!” Her sister was right. Since then, she has been thrilled to see them come so far and grow so much and was doubly thrilled to see her BTS bias Rap Monster looking fresh at the BBMAs and showing off those amazing English skills. Although she feels a little “old” to consider herself an A.R.M.Y, she will never stop supporting these boys ever!  She’s been blessed to see them live three times.

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