iKON Members To Promote Under New Names For Upcoming Album

YG Entertainment has some surprising new for iKON fans— four of their members will now be promoting under new stage names.

In the recent individual teaser images released, fans noticed that some of the members have new names. The change is reportedly part of a fresh start and concept for the group, going along with the name of their new album, New Kids: Begin.

B.I, Bobby, and Ju-Ne will continue with their same names. However, Jinhwan is now Jay, Donghyuk is going by DK, Yunhyeong will be called Song, and Chanwoon is now Chan.

The new album will be dropped on May 22nd.

Are you surprised at the names changes for these iKON members? It might take fans some time to adjust after the group has been promoting under their former names since their debut in 2015.

Media: YG Entertainment

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