WATCH: Gong Yoo Explains Why “Goblin” Was So Popular In New Clip With CNN

Another clip has been released of Gong Yoo‘s interview with worldwide network CNN!

In the video, released by CNN on their Facebook, actor Gong Yoo speaks about why he thinks “Goblin” was so popular. When first asked what it was that made it a hit, he looked adorably puzzled over the success and said in perfect English, “I don’t know why!” When the host suggest it was due to his acting, he looks embarrassed and humbly just smiles.

He then goes on to describe the plot of “Goblin” and compares it to the hit series “Twilight,” saying that he personally thinks the success was due to the fresh plot of a demigod who falls in love with a human— someone who appears to have it all falling for someone who appears to have nothing.

Check out the clip below, and stay tuned for the full interview coming soon on CNN!

Media: CNN International

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