INFINITE’s Sungjong Revealed To Have Been Injured In Car Accident

It has been revealed that INFINITE‘s Sungjong was recently injured in a car accident.

The group held a fan meeting in Seoul on May 20th KST. During the fan meeting, it was revealed that the group’s maknae Sungjong had been in a car accident two days before the event. Although the extent of his injuries are said to be minor, they were still serious enough for him to be unable to dance. He forged ahead and attended the fan meeting, however, he had to sit on a stool and was said to be in obvious pain with his back.

Just a few days ago, INFINITE announced that they would be postponing their May comeback due to an injury that fellow member Sunggyu had received back in March. Although he is doing better, he is still not totally healed and is continuing to receive treatment. The group hoped to put off their comeback until the end of June to give him some more time to recuperate, but things are now unclear what the future holds due to Sungjong’s injury as well.

Poor INFINITE! It seems like they are having a hard time. We hope that they will all take the necessary time off to recover fully, so they can stand strongly on the stage once more.

Media: Woollim Entertainment

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