KNK To Pay Homage To BEAST With Upcoming Title Track

KNK is set to make their comeback soon, and they will be paying homage to BEAST through the new track!

Their title track, entitled “Sun, Moon, Star”, was written by Kim Tae Joo, the composer of BEAST’s famous hit “12:30”. As such, it is said to have a similar vibe to the BEAST song.

This fact inspired KNK member Jihoon when he choreographed the dance routine for KNK’s new MV and live performances. In an effort to pay homage to their senior artists BEAST, now promoting as HIGHLIGHT, he decided to include some dance moves inspired by the group’s fancy footwork in the song “Ribbon.”

KNK will make their comeback with the mini-album Gravity on May 25th at noon KST— just three days after HIGHLIGHT themselves make a comeback!

Who’s excited to see their dance? Isn’t it great seeing young artists who respect these legendary groups?

Media: YNB Entertainment

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