WATCH: HIGHLIGHT’s Junhyung Reveals Studio, Talks Changes & Gives Preview Of New Track

HIGHLIGHT‘s Yong Junhyung has given an in-depth interview with 1thK, allowing fans a look at his recent activities.

The singer and songwriter gave the interview in his studio, revealing it to fans for the first time. he notes that he would have preferred to keep it private, but it was inevitable for it to become public sooner or later. In the interview, he talks about the changes the group faced after leaving Cube Entertainment and setting up their own label, Around Us Entertainment. He also spoke about why it feels different to promote as HIGHLIGHT instead of BEAST and how it affects even the color of their songs.

The singer also shared an exclusive preview of HIGHLIGHT’s upcoming title track for their repackage album, noting that this will probably be the only teaser they share before their comeback. The song, entitled “Calling You,” is about drunk dialing your ex. He laughingly notes that the song is not based on personal experience!

Check out the interview below— make sure to turn on English subtitles!

Are you excited for HIGHLIGHT’s comeback? Were you pleased to finally see Junhyung’s studio where he has written so many hit songs? Let us know in the comment section below!

Media: 1theK

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