FNC Entertainment Denies AOA’s ChoA Is Dating CEO Of Game Company

FNC Entertainment has denied the recent dating news for AOA‘s ChoA.

After reports broke earlier today that AOA’s ChoA was dating the CEO of Nanjin Corporation, FNC said they would reach out to confirm the news with the singer. They have since updated fans with the news that the rumors are totally false.

“After getting in contact with ChoA, we learned that the person mentioned in the previous reports is only an acquaintance; they are not dating.” 

-FNC Entertainment

Meanwhile, ChoA updated her SNS earlier today to ask fans not to worry about her recent absence from the group. After taking a break from activities, fans have speculated that she is struggling with health issues or even thinking of leaving the group. However, her post assured fans that the rumors were false and that she was just taking a well-deserved vacation and break.

It looks like ChoA is just facing one rumor after another! What do you think?

Media: FNC Entertainment

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  1. paradoxicalsuds May 18, 2017 @ 12:41 pm

    Choa always gets crud. Koreaboo’s false rumors are getting annoying and make younger fans go nuts.

    • This is why we don’t report on rumors at WTK until they are confirmed or denied by the parties involved! ^^


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