Tablo To Fill In For SECHSKIES’s Eun Jiwon During “Music Core” Stage

SECHSKIES‘s Eun Jiwon will be unable to attend “Music Core” on May 13th, so fellow YG Entertainment labelmate, Tablo of Epik High, will fill in.

On May 11th KST, it was revealed that SECHSKIES are in the midst of preparing a new stage for “Music Core” as  Eun Jiwon will be unable to attend due to his filming for tvN’s “New Journey to the West.”  A source from YG stated, “Eun Jiwon had a comeback as a SECHSKIES member after many years and wanted to meet fans as much as possible. Even if he could not attend [the recording], he thought the members should still get on stage.”

SECHSKIES has been appearing on “Music Core” for three consecutive weeks and they plan to show a new sort of charm to viewers with their upcoming stage.

With Tablo joining, viewers can look forward to not only his synergy with the remaining four SECHSKIES members but also his emotive rapping.

SECHSKIES is enjoying great results this comeback with their 20th anniversary album receiving much love in Korea and abroad.  Tablo and SECHSKIES’s collaboration stage will air on the May 13th episode of “Music Core.”

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Media: YG Entertainment

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