TWICE’s “TT” Becomes The Most-Viewed Kpop Girl Group MV On YouTube

TWICE continues setting more records every day!

On May 8th KST, the JYP Entertainment girl group officially became the most-viewed Kpop girl group on YouTube as their hit MV “TT” went over 189.5 million views on YouTube. The achievement put them ahead of SNSD‘s “I Got A Boy,” which held the record for numerous years and was even the most-viewed Kpop video ever until PSY‘s “Gangnam Style” came on the scene.

It’s very unusual for a girl group in Kpop to reach this large amount of views on their music videos. If they do, it certainly takes many years to do so, making the fact that TWICE has reached this number of views in less than a year truly astounding! Earlier this week, they had their third MV cross over 150 million views, making them the first Kpop girl group to ever achieve three music videos with that number of views.

Meanwhile, the group is preparing for their comeback on May 15th with the new mini-album Signal.

Congratulations to TWICE! If you have never watched the video, check it out below.

Media: JYP Entertainment

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