WATCH: K.A.R.D Releases Special Dance Version Of “Rumor” MV

K.A.R.D has released a so-called “hidden version” of their latest MV, “Rumor.”

On May 1st, the popular co-ed group from DSP Media released the video via their official YouTube channel. While the original MV was shot as on a cell phone, due to sponsorship from the brand new phone from LG, the new video is shot in a more traditional MV style. The sets are bold and colorful, bright reds and yellow setting off their black and red outfits perfectly.

The video focuses on the choreography of the song and features a large dance crew as back up dancers. The hidden version refers to this current song’s “hidden” member, Z.SUN, famous dancer from the PURPLOW CREW.

Check out the new MV below! What do you think of this version?

Media: DSP Media

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