Jaden Smith Announces He Is Soon To Release A Kpop Single

It looks like the moment Jaden Smith has been hoping for has finally arrived! He is going to be releasing his first Kpop single.

On April 20th, the young star took to Twitter in his usual style, casually talking to fans about what he has been doing, sharing videos, and filling them in on his future plans. One tweet caught many Kpop fans’ eyes. “And yes I will be dropping a Kpop single in the next four months,” he stated.

He then went on to say he is starting a rock band, as well as releasing two music videos soon. So, needless to say, it sounds like Will Smith‘s son is ambitious and full of plans these days.

In the past, the young celebrity has spoken countless times about his love of Kpop, his desire to be a Kpop star, his admiration of people like G-Dragon, and much more.

What do you think? Is the Kpop world ready for Jaden Smith? And perhaps more importantly, is Jaden Smith ready for Kpop?

Check out his original tweet below.

Media: Twitter

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