10 Great Christian Songs Sung By Kpop Idols

It’s Easter Sunday, and as such, many people around the world are celebrating this important day in the Christian faith. South Korea has a large percentage of Christians, so it’s no surprise that there are many Kpop idols who also profess Christianity.

From retired idols to current artists, these are some of the Kpop singers who have sung about their faith in churches, conferences, concerts, and more. Just in time for Easter, here are 10 great Christian songs sung by Kpop idols! Check it out.

1. Choi Siwon (Super Junior) – “Who Am I”

As one of the most outspoken Christian in Kpop, Siwon loves to use his solo opportunities at Super Junior concerts to sing about what’s really important to him. One of the first Christian songs he performed at a concert was “Who Am I.” Some of the other Christian members in Super Junior chose to sing back up for him on the last chorus.

2. Kevin Woo (U-KISS) – “Above All”

Another outspoken Christian in Kpop, Kevin doesn’t just tweet Bible verses and faith-based posts to his followers, he actually lives his faith out loud in his everyday life. This English-language song was recorded at his church during some of the earlier days in his career.

3. Minzy (2NE1) – “Hosanna”

Former 2NE1 member has also professed to be a Christian, so it should come as no surprise that she chooses to use her vocal talents in church as well. Sung during the worship portion of a church service, Minzy sings this English-language song from the Hillsong Church in Australia.

4. Kyuhyun (Super Junior) – “Prayer of Jabez”

Kyuhyun is another Super Junior member who is outspoken about the importance his faith plays in his everyday life. There are numerous videos and photos of the famous singer standing before the small congregation of his family’s church, singing and using his talents for God. Here, he sings a song while his sister plays the violin. Talk about a talented family!

5. Bada (S.E.S.) – “The Lord’s Prayer”

Both Bada and fellow S.E.S. member Eugene are outspoken Christians and are heavily involved in their local churches. Even during their days at SM Entertainment, Bada used her voice to sing this famous Christian song during an SMTOWN album

6. Ailee – “Father’s Heart”

Ailee grew up singing in church, and she still continues to do so as an adult. Here, she uses her amazing vocals to sing the song “Father’s Heart.” Can you imagine having Ailee perform at your own church? What a wonderful, soulful voice she has!

7. Changmin (TVXQ) – “Upon This Rock”

Another SMTOWN artist who is a vocal Christian, Changmin chose to sing this famous Christian song by artist Sandi Patti during his group’s third Asia tour. The range is super high, and his voice is very impressive as he hits every note with perfect clarity.

8. Sunye (Wonder Girls) – “There Is None Like You”

Former Wonder Girls member Sunye is one of the most well-known Christians in Kpop. During her time as an idol, she developed a reputation as being very compassionate and charitable, donating her time and money to hospitals and orphanages. Upon leaving the group, she and her husband decided to move to Haiti to become missionaries.

9. Crush – “Let Me Touch You”

Crush may not be the most vocal about his faith, keeping in line with his somewhat reserved and private life. However, he is known to be a Christian, even sporting a large cross tattoo. Still, many fans were surprised to hear him cover this beautiful and soulful song by gospel singer Kirk Franklin. Listen to the words as Crush sings his heart out.

10. 3RD WAVE MUSIC – “Coming to the Cross”
Brian Joo (Fly To The Sky), Alexander (U-KISS),
Lim (Wonder Girls)

Third Wave Music is a contemporary Christian music group from Seoul, made up of Pastor Johnny Lee (PJ) and Brian Joo of Fly to the Sky. Other Kpop artists, such as Alexander Eusebio, former member of U-KISS, and Lim from Wonder Girls, are also involved in the project for special tracks and appearances. PJ is a friend of many of the Christians in Kpop, even singing with Choi Siwon at Super Show 4 at the Tokyo Dome and leading Bible studies for Siwon and the other Christian members of Super Junior while they were on the road.

What other Kpop idols have you seen sing Christian songs? What is your favorite of the ones listed above? Let us know in the comment section above.

Regardless of your own religious beliefs, we hope you enjoy these beautiful songs from these talented Kpop singers! Happy Easter!

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