Get Ready For These 2017 Girl Group Comebacks And Debuts

2017 has already given us some great comebacks and debuts, but what else is in store for us this year? Prepare your wallets and hearts because there are a lot of great girl groups showcasing their talents this year!


Fantagio’s Kim Doyeon and Choi Yoojung were some of I.O.I‘s most charming members, but now they will be debuting along with six other girls. The group is known as I Teen Girls, but it’s unconfirmed if that is their official name. Their debut is said to be in the summer, but nothing has been announced so far. Let’s hope it’s coming soon!

Another I.O.I member, Kim Chungha, will make her solo debut in May! Looks like I.O.I fans won’t be disappointed this year.

One more girl group to be debuting this year is Princess. Not too much is known except that the maknae is only 14 years old! We are anticipating this group to be full of youthful inspiration.


April 17thLABOUM with “Hwi Hwi,” Minzy with “Ni Na No,” Vivi from LOONA and HaSeul with “Everyday I Need You,” Berry Good with “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo”

April 18thJessica Jung with “It’s Spring”

April 19thDIA with “Will You Go Out With Me?” Lee Haeri (from Davichi) and Apink will release new tracks as well.

April 21stIU with “Pallette” and “To Your Name” (featuring G-Dragon)

April 26thMomoland with “It’s Awesome”

Other comebacks include SNSD‘s Hyoyeon and Yoona releasing solo singles, as well as HyunA and BoA. Bulldok and Stellar will also have comebacks!

Apink, BlackPink, Gummy, April, Cosmic Girls, LOONA, Lee Hyori, Secret, and T-ara are said to have comebacks planned for May. Stay tuned for updates!

June will have another LOONA comeback as well.

Get ready, Sones! These Kpop queens will be back this summer. SNSD is said to have their comeback later in July! Who’s excited?

Are you ready for all of these awesome comebacks? If so tell us in the comments below and let us know who you’re excited to see comeback and debut this year!

Kim (Paradoxicalsuds) is a writer for What the Kpop and has been a devoted K-Pop fan for almost ten years. An avid SNSD, GOT7, FTIsland, and AOA fan, Kim has been in love with K-Pop since the original debut of TVXQ. While she watches new MVs or K-Dramas on her laptop, Kim enjoys tea, begging for affection from her cat, making jewelry, and writing fiction. 

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