WATCH: HIGHLIGHT Drops Dongwoon-Focused Version Of “Plz Don’t Be Sad”

HIGHLIGHT has released a fun, new version of their new MV!

On April 13th KST, Around Us Entertainment dropped a Son Dongwoon-focused version of their recent hit MV “Plz Don’t Be Sad.” This is the final member-focused version to be released, leading the label to call the day “Son Day.”

The company promised to release a different version every day this week, each one “highlighting” a different member. The special promotion is called “YoonYongYangLeeSon Week,” allowing fans to know the order in which the MVs will be dropped.

The other members already released their videos, so make sure to click on their names to check them out! Are you a fan of Doojoon, Junghyung, Yoseob, and Kikwang?

Check out Yoon Doojoon’s MV below! Are you excited for the other MVs as well?

Media: Around Us Entertainment

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