WATCH: HIGHLIGHT Drops Junhyung-Focused Version Of “Plz Don’t Be Sad”

The Yong Junhyung-focused version of “Plz Don’t Be Sad” has been released!

Around Us Entertainment announced that this would be “YoonYongYangLeeSon Week,” and each day would bring a different member-focused version of the MV. Yesterday, the Yoon Doojoon version was released, leading their company to call it “Yoon Day.”

Junhyung’s video is the second one to be released, making today “Yong Day”! The songwriter and rapper looks adorably fresh in his member-focused camera, showing off his moves and charms.

Stay tuned for the rest of the members’ videos this week. Who are you most excited about seeing?

Check out Yong Junhyung’s video below!

Media: Around Us Entertainment

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