HIGHLIGHT Shows Fans How To Move On In Hilarious Promotional Videos

After the release of their track “It’s Still Beautiful,” HIGHLIGHT (formerly known as BEAST) shows they still have their famous sense of humor in a series of new, promotional videos.

On the heels of the lyrics from their bittersweet ballad which seemed to echo their “breakup” with former label Cube Entertainment, the members show that it’s important to move on and not let that sadness keep you down! In a series of hilarious videos on their official Instagram account, each of the members are seen crying and looking sad before instantly transforming into happy, smiling people. The videos were also broken up by a series of giant frowning and smiling faces.

Their ability to bring laughter to their fans, while also tackling the still-touchy subject of their split from Cube in such a delicate way, shows why they have earned faithful fans over the years— both for their music and personalities.

Meanwhile, HIGHLIGHT’s full album and title track are set to drop on March 20th at noon KST.

It seems like their pre-release track and subsequent funny videos are showing fans they’re ready to move on and wow everyone when their full album drops!

Check out the adorable videos below!

Media: Around Us Entertainment

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