Choi Tae Joon And Bomi Bid Farewell On Bittersweet “We Got Married” Episode

Choi Tae Joon and Bomi‘s sweet run on “We Got Married” has officially come to a close.

The actor and the Apink singer recently celebrated their 100th day as a couple and have made fans happy with their recent progress and skinship, making many viewers comment on the natural progression of the relationship and the seemingly real chemistry. Due to this, it came as a surprise that the “We Got Married” couple would be leaving the show.

During this week’s episode, the adorable duo decided to reenact their first date as a way to say goodbye. The rainy weather seemed to match their moods as they awkwardly struggled to find the words to say. They decided to write each other letters to read at a later time. Before Tae Joon began to write his letter though, he said there was something he wanted to say to her in person first. As she looked at him expectantly, he admitted that he loved her. Caught off guard, Bomi laughed nervously before saying she loved him too.

The pair later read the full letters in private, talking about their genuine feelings and their regret that the show is over.

Check out their final episode, complete with English subs, by clicking HERE.

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