TWICE Achieves Perfect All-Kill With Latest “Knock Knock” Release

TWICE has done it again! Cranking out one hit after another, they continue to slay the charts with their newest song as well.

Although the group already achieved all-kill status within an hour of the release of their new song “Knock Knock,” the JYP Entertainment power group has now achieved perfect all-kill status as well!

All-kill status is when you hit the number one position on the eight major realtime charts in Korea. A perfect all-kill is when you hit the number one position on both realtime and daily charts. And as of February 21st, that’s exactly what TWICE accomplished! In addition, not only did they reach the top spot on all eight charts for both realtime and daily, but they also held the number one spot on both the weekly and realtime charts for iChart.

This is a very unusual accomplishment for Kpop groups to achieve, especially for girl groups!

We congratulate TWICE for their amazing success and wish them the best in their future endeavors as well.

Media: Soompi

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