iKON Becomes Fastest Foreign Artist To Achieve Japanese Dome Tour

iKON has announced they will be holding a Japanese dome tour!

The popular boy band from YG Entertainment shared the news at the recent finale of their “iKON Japan Tour 2016-2017.” The dome tour will commence May 20th in Osaka and is expected to attract almost 100,000 fans during the total stops.

Although many Korean artists have gone on to hold dome tours in Japan (the largest venues available in the country), iKON is officially the fastest foreign artist to achieve the feat after their Japanese debut. The group debuted in Korea in 2015, followed by their debut in Japan only slightly over a year ago on January 13th, 2016.

Upon hearing the news, many other fandoms began to tweet and congratulate the iKON fandom for this great achievement.

Are you going to see iKON on their Japanese dome tour? Sounds like it will be a pretty epic tour!

Congratulations on this new record!

Media: YG Entertainment

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