WTK QUIZ: Which BTS “WINGS” Solo Are You?

We’re all hype for BTS‘s upcoming album, WINGS: You Never Walk AloneAn extension of their previous release WINGStheir new album promises to shake our hearts and move us to tears.

The repackage album will include the seven previously-released solo tracks that the members helped write and co-produce themselves. But have you ever wondered which one of those songs resonates with you the most? Take our exclusive quiz to find out which BTS member’s fears, hopes and dreams connect with yours!

Saleha (StarlightSora) is a WTK writer who hails from Northern Virginia. She’s an avid fan of VIXX, EXO, BTS, SEVENTEEN, B.A.P (and counting). An otaku and a gamer, when she’s not writing fanfiction for one fandom or another, she can be found binge-watching anime or playing through The Last of Us for the twentieth time. She hopes to be a published writer one day—after seeing all her faves live, of course.

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