NCT Dream Releases Two MV Teasers For “My First And Last”

NCT Dream has released two MV teasers for their upcoming song entitled “My First and Last.”

On February 8th KST, SMTOWN dropped both teasers within an hour of each other. Although the bright colors of the teasers images are still present in the videos, the MV seems to have a much more muted feel— almost like a retro drama.

Apart from a glimpse at the choreography, we also get to hear a bit of the chorus from the song as well, which promises to be upbeat and catchy. SM says “My First and Last” is “a funky pop song… about a boy who wishes to make his first love his last.”

The song is the lead track off their newest single album The First and will be released on February 9th KST.

Check out the two teasers below!


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