CROSS GENE Battles Against Themselves In Dark, 19+ Rated MV “Black Or White”

CROSS GENE has finally released their newest MV entitled “Black or White.”

After multiple teasers to show off their good vs. evil concept, the video was finally released, along with a 19+ age warning. The overall theme of the video is dark and bloody, showing each member struggle against themselves in an attempt to hold out against their evil side.

The song is the title track from their new album Mirror. Two songs from the album were already released as pre-lease tracks— “White Mind” and “Black Mind,” continuing to play on the theme of an internal struggle with good and evil.

Check out the MV below, but please note that it is rated 19+ and not everyone will be comfortable with some of the bloody scenes.

What do you think, CROSS GENE fans?

Media: Amuse Korea

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