SMTOWN Confirms Second Season Of Popular Project SM STATION

SMTOWN has confirmed the second season of the highly popular project SM STATION!

The project was started in 2016 as a one year project for SM artists to release digital singles once a week. Each week would feature a different SM artist— sometimes in groups, sometimes as a soloist collaborating with both Korean and foreign artists, sometimes all on their own. Generally, each release saw the artists tackle a new genre that wasn’t what they usually record.

With Suho‘s SM STATION release on January 3rd, 2017, this marks the end of the year-long SM STATION project as planned. As such, many fans were left hoping SM would announce a season two.

On February 1st, a source from SM confirmed they would definitely be starting a season two soon, but this time they will have even more collaborations with foreign artists. An official announcement with more details and dates is expected soon!

Who’s excited for SM STATION season two?


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