Block B’s Park Kyung Drops Adorable Solo MV “When I’m With You”

Park Kyung has officially released his first solo mini-album!

On January 18th KST, the Block B singer released the MV for the title track, “When I’m With You.” The adorable video shows the singer trying to coach himself as he talks to a girl he likes. We see his inner thoughts and emotions as he gives instructions to wave, slow down his heartbeat, and more. In a move similar to the 2015 Disney Pixar movie “Inside Out,” we see emotions lighting up on the inside of the artist’s mind, telling us when he is feeling love and romance, among other things.

The song is one of two title tracks from his new album Notebook and features singer Brother Su. It has a slower melody with a lovely, jazz accompaniment. He breaks things up with a more modern feel during a rap solo, managing to keep the song both classic and fresh at the same time.

Check out the MV below! Are you a fan of his new song and MV?

Media: Seven Seasons Entertainment

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