Teen Top’s Niel Gears Up For Solo Comeback With New MV Teaser

Teen Top‘s Niel has released a new teaser for his upcoming MV “Love Affair.”

The teaser video shows the singer with a cut on his cheek, looking upset and banging on the door of a house. It then gives us a quick glimpse at the actual choreography of the song, along with a brief teaser of the audio as well.

This is the second teaser video to be released. The first one featured the singer showing off some sexy dance moves in a dark warehouse, It then cut to a scene of him getting on his knees in front of an expensively-dressed woman.

This will be Niel’s second EP to be released. He made his solo debut in February 2015 with oNIELy, making this his first comeback in two years. The new mini-album will have a total of seven tracks.

The music video will be released on January 16th at midnight KST!

Check out both teaser below! Who’s excited?

Media: TOP Media

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