VARSITY Makes A Big Impression With Debut MV “U R My Only One”

New Kpop group VARSITY has made their debut with the music video”U r my only one.”

In addition to normal singing and dancing, the new group shows off their skills at tumbling and acrobatics. Incorporating their fancy moves into the choreography, the group definitely makes a big impression with their debut MV.

The group is a joint Chinese-Korean project— seven members are Korean and five are Chinese. Apart from their great vocals and amazing dance and tumbling skills, the group is also very skilled with languages. Among the group, there are members who speak multiple languages, including Korean, Chinese, English, French, and Arabic.

“U r my only one” is the title track off the group’s new single album Round One.

Check out their MV below! What do you think of their debut? Is this a group you’ll keep your eye on in 2017?

Media: Varsity Official

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