BIGBANG Gets Up Close And Personal With Apple Game On “Weekly Idol”

BIGBANG gave VIP a lot of fan service through their recent appearance on a variety show!

On January 4th, the legendary idol group was invited to the popular TV show “Weekly Idol,” marking the fulfillment of G-Dragon’s promise to bring the entire group to the show. During the hour-long episode, the Hallyu stars brought a lot of laughter with their funny personalities and interactions with the hosts. One of the funniest moments is when the group played the “move the apple” game that “Weekly Idol” has done before.

Known as a huge fan of G-Dragon (and with a bit of a crush on him as well!), host Jung Hyung Don started off the apple game with the YG singer himself. The object of the game is to use your body to pass the apple from your neck to your waist. The result is half fan-service, half-awkward, and totally hilarious.

After G-Dragon and Hyung Don played the game, the other members also attempted the game, bringing a lot of laughter to the studio.

Have you watched the new episode of “Weekly Idol” yet? The group will return for part two next week as well!

Check out the hilarious clips below!

Media: All The Kpop

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