BTS Reaches New Milestone With 4 Million Followers On Twitter

BTS has reached one more milestone to add to their list of accomplishments in 2016! With just a few hours to go until the new year, the popular boy band reached over 4 million followers on Twitter.

This year has definitely proved to be the best one yet for the young artists, earning award after award and selling more albums than they ever have sold before. Now, they can add the accomplishment of having over 4 million followers on their shared Twitter account.

Although there is an official BTS news account, it’s the members’ shared account that is currently one of the most popular Kpop accounts on Twitter. The members tweet things themselves, posting things from pictures they’ve taken themselves to funny fan-edited photos. Since they show off their unique personalities and connect with fans through the Twitter account, it’s no surprise it has grown so drastically in the past year. If you haven’t followed them yet, click HERE to do so now.

Although 2016 was incredible for BTS, we have no doubt that 2017 will prove even better!

Way to go, BTS!


Media: Big Hit Entertainment

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