Actor Park Hae Jin Donates 50 Million Won To Charity For Christmas

Actor Park Hae Jin donated 50 million won to charity this holiday season!

The money will be used to buy coal briquettes for poor people in Korea. Winter is a very harsh season in Korea, and many low-income people suffer due to lack of heat. The people who tend to need coal briquettes the most are elderly people who live in poor areas and don’t have many family or friends to assist them.

Not only did he donate the money (almost $42,000 USD) for the coal, he invited the cast of his drama “Man to Man” to help him deliver the coal briquettes personally. He and the cast members will be working hard to deliver the coal on January 11th— a tiring job since the coal is very heavy and takes a long time to deliver.

Park Hae Jin is well-known for his charity work and contributions. Not only does he get involved personally, but he uses his name to encourage others to give as well. Earlier this fall, it was reported that the actor has donated approximately 1.7 billion won of his own money to charity since 2011. That is equal to 1.5 million USD!

It’s just another reason to admire this Korean star!


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