American Rapper Wale Gives Shout-Out To BTS In Lyrics Of New Song

American rapper Wale gave a shout-out to Kpop group BTS in the lyrics of his new song.

A fan recently tweeted to Wale and said that he should do a collaboration with BTS. He quickly responded and said he would love to do so. What followed was a flurry of tweets, a trending topic for days, and hints that a collaboration project would soon be in the works.

It seems the American artist is keen to work with the popular idol group, even now offering a shout-out to them via the lyrics of his new song.

The rapper’s newest track was uploaded to Soundcloud and quickly came to the attention of Kpop fans. The song, entitled “Folarin Like (Nas Is Like Freestyle),” shows just how much the artist is thinking about BTS these days. At one point the lyrics state, “Foreign features from South Korea, BTS be the shit, we about to see it, I am not North or South, I am just DMV.”

Check out the song below (warning: strong language), and let us know what you think!

Are you holding out hope for a BTS x Wale collaboration?

Media: Soundcloud

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