MAMAMOO’s Solar And Wheein Look Beautiful In Teaser Image For Comeback

On October 26th, MAMAMOO released their first teaser image for their approaching comeback!

The picture shows two of the members, Solar and Wheein, looking incredibly beautiful and glamorous in a sophisticated-looking setting. Among the dark-paneled room and gold frame member, the two members are dressed in matching red, sequined dresses and looking almost like mirror images of each other. The image appears to show that the popular girl group will be coming back with a more mature, elegant comeback than their previous funk and funky releases.

MAMAMOO is set to drop their album “Memory” on November 7th. It will be the girl group’s fourth mini-album and will feature the lead track and MV “Décalcomanie.”

Are you excited for the comeback of this lovely girl group? Check out the full image below!

MAMAMOO Solar Wheein


Media: Rainbow Bridge World

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