WATCH: Twice Releases Adorable Behind The Scenes Video Of Their Album Photoshoot

TWICE just released an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the group’s photoshoot for their latest album TWICEcoaster: Lane 1.

The members look adorable with fresh, natural looks and sweetly innocent outfits. The photoshoot takes place outside where the natural light and colors compliment their girlish charms. They pose with balloons or silly glasses, doing various things from blowing bubbles to eating cotton candy!

During the adorable, behind the scenes videos, the girls give a demonstration on the key points to the dance for their title track “TT,” as well as tell fans how to take the perfect selfies. The video provides fans with a look at their cute personalities and chemistry as a group.

With the release of their new album and music video, the popular girl group had an all-kill on the music charts, as well as garnering over 10 million views on their music video within 24 hours of its release.

Check out the behind the scenes video below! Don’t the members look so cute?

Media: JYP Entertainment

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