B.A.P Releases Gorgeous Teaser Images For Youngjae And Jongup

A few hours after announcing that B.A.P would be continuing promotions for their new album, despite the fact that the group leader Bang Yong Guk has dropped out of the promotions for health reasons, the group has now released the individual teaser images for Youngjae and Jongup.

The images show Youngjae and Jongup sitting in a bar, playing darts and reading a book. They both give off a mysterious vibe in keeping with the spy/crime nature of this comeback. Also of note is Jongup’s new style, with his hair dyed a deep, blue color with purple tones.

Both images have the now familiar rifle scope and phrase “Who Is X?” emblazoned on them.

The album, entitled Noir, is set to be released on November 7th and will be the group’s 2nd full album. Are you excited for their comeback?

Check out the pictures below!

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Media: TS Entertainment

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