Block B’s BASTARZ Makes Comeback With Fun, Funky MV For “Selfish & Beautiful Girl”

On October 24th, the Block B sub-unit BASTARZ made their long-awaited comeback with the fun, funky music video for “Selfish & Beautiful Girl.”

After their first mini-album release in early 2015, fans have been hoping for another comeback from the popular sub-unit. Although the lead track from their first release was edgier and a bit more hardcore, this song and music video are both lighter and funkier in nature.

The MV features the Seoul-based, British model Alexa O’Brien, who previously came to the attention of Kpop fans in WINNER‘s EXIT teaser film starring Mino. In the new music video by BASTARZ, Alexa plays P.O‘s loud, upstairs neighbor who is unconcerned with how her noisy habits affect the singer. With the boys partaking in the film via the TV screen as stars of a dance video game, the MV manages to be unique, cute, fun and totally worthy of Block B.

The three members were said to have a very active part in the song and video, with P.O writing and producing the track.

Check out the MV below! What do you think?

Media: Seven Seasons Entertainment


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