Billboard Representative Denies “Sajaegi” Claims About BTS’ Billboard Chart Ranking

Billboard has recently addressed rumors about BTS cheating their way onto the charts as the group has ranked on Billboard as of late.

On October 13th, BTS debuted at #26 on the Billboard 200 chart with 16,000 units sold in a week for their second full album “Wings.” The ranking blew minds as selling 11,000 units is the typical number for sales. Given the rising popularity of BTS, anti-fans have claimed that “sajaegi” is the reason for the group’s charting on Billboard. “Sajaegi” is where companies buy their own group’s albums in order to boost sale numbers.

Jeff Benjamin of Billboard’s Kpop column (@Jeff__Benjamin) tweeted on October 19th and stated that Billboard has set rules in place that keep “sajaegi” from happening, shutting down claims from anti-fans.

In short, BTS earned their Billboard ranking fair and square.

Congratulations to the group again for their amazing achievement!


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