INFINITE Releases Raw, Emotional Video For “The Eye”

On September 19th, Woolim Entertainment finally released the music video for INFINITE‘s long-awaited comeback.

“The Eye” is the lead track off their newest mini-album “Infinite Only.” The countdown for the idol group’s comeback has been filled with daily releases of teaser videos, a highlight medley, track information and multiple teaser images for each member and the group as a whole. Apart from the title track, the album includes seven songs and is the group’s sixth mini-album release.

The video showcases a powerful, emotional scene with L struggling against emotions that torment him such as fear and regret. As he begins to commit suicide, we see the internal struggle he is going through. As the emotions like fear seem to win, things like courage break through and hold desperately onto him. When all seems lost however, we see that L is finally reached in the end and doesn’t give in to death. The last image then leaves us in no doubt as to why L is struggling with these raw emotions.

Open to the interpretation of many fans, the video is without a doubt an emotional concept which has touched the hearts of many viewers. The dance is strong throughout the video but doesn’t take away from the dramatic story-telling. The song itself is also solid and features the great vocals for which INFINITE has become known.

Check out the video below! What do you think?

Media: Woolim Entertainment

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