Actor Park Bo Gum Reveals He Originally Auditioned To Be A Singer With SM, YG, JYP And More

On the latest episode of KBS’ hit show “2 Days & 1 Night,” popular actor Park Bo Gum shared his original dream to be a singer-songwriter and revealed that he auditioned with multiple agencies in Korea.

When the cast asked him how he became an actor, it led to him sharing his dream of being a signer. He shared that he loves playing the piano and singing, so he recorded himself and sent it to all the major agencies at the time. As a result, he was contacted by an agency and eventually signed.

Defconn was seated in the front seat with the actor as they drove and asked him if he had auditioned for the Top 3 companies as well, referring to SM, YG and JYP. The handsome, young actor replied that he did, stating that he auditioned for petty much every company back in those days. Defconn then stated that in light of his current success, that those three companies must sincerely regret not signing him. However, the humble actor quickly responds, “Eh? Not at all! Not at all!”

Even though Park Bo Gum didn’t achieve his dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter, he managed to become a big success as an actor and is counted as one of the most popular young actors of the day.

Did you know this was his original dream? Do you think the other companies regret not signing him now? Let us hear from you in the comments below!


Credit: KBS

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