BREAKING NEWS: Block B’s Zico and AOA’s Seolhyun Reported To Be Dating

Cr. Dispatch

Dispatch is always threatening to expose the relationship of some celebrity couple or another and it seems they have followed through this time. News just broke from the media outlet that claims that Zico of Block B and Seolhyun of AOA are dating.

The photographers have evidently been sneaking to take pictures for quite some time, as evidenced by the multiple shots they took of both Zico and Seolhyun on different occasions. In several of the pictures, Seolhyun is seen in a hat and mask, obviously trying to hide her identity as she enters Zico’s apartment building. In another picture, it shows Zico getting into his expensive black Porsche to supposedly take Seolhyun on a date to the Han River.

According to Dispatch, the couple has been dating for about five months and mainly spent time together in Zico’s home and car. From their obvious attempts to hide their identity, it’s clear they couldn’t go about publicly on many normal dates.

Are you a fan of this couple? Do you ship them? What do you think of this breaking news?

Stay tuned for more details as they become available. Meanwhile, check out the pictures below.

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Photos: Dispatch

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