Teaser Revealed for New Drama “Jealousy Incarnate”

The fabulous and talented Gong Hyo Jin is returning to the screen in a new romantic comedy entitled “Jealousy Incarnate.”

Ms. Gong stars as a woman dreaming of making it big as a weather woman. However, she struggles to overcome obstacles as she works part-time at the broadcast station and has difficulty standing up for herself and telling people no.

Meanwhile, the male lead is played by actor Jo Jung Suk, star of the recent hit drama “Oh My Ghostess.” He plays a star reporter who is a perfectionist and extremely dedicated to his job.

As always in K-dramaland, opposites attract and sparks will fly as these two characters meet and interact at the broadcast station.

The drama is set to begin airing on August 17th at 10pm on SBS.

Check out the preview below! Who’s excited for this drama?



Video: SBS

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