K-Pop’s Cursed Year Continues As C-JeS Entertainment Is Investigated for Tax Evasion

The news broke today that the agency C-JeS Entertainment is under investigation for tax evasion. It was stated that the company is specifically being investigated in connection with the profits for popular group JYJ.

The office of the National Tax Administration of South Korea is handling the case and investigating all the tax and account documents to find evidence of the tax evasion and false records of income.

This same agency has also been involved with a recent scandal as one of their artists Park Yoochun has been accused of sexual assault. He is currently under investigation as well.

This year has been a year of controversy and scandals for the K-pop community. There have recently been numerous scandals, legal issues and problems for K-pop artists and connected companies including drunk driving incidents, investigations for insider trading and more. In addition to these troubles, there have also been numerous groups that have disbanded or left their companies, leading many fans to say this is a cursed year for K-pop.

Do you think we will see more scandals before the year 2016 is over?

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